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About Mary Fosky Photography

Mary Fosky

Why photography?


"Because it's my favorite and I love it. [mic drop]


Photography provides me the opportunity to look back at memories of my family, my children and my own wedding over and over again- the great thing; they never change. I can return to a moment and relive it, get back those feelings. Photographs are so powerful and I am obsessed with sharing my passion for the art with others.

I just love that I can capture the unspoken relationship of two individuals during a proposal or at an engagement session. Capturing the heart stopping look of a bride or groom when they see their partner for the first time down an isle, now that is EPIC! My favorite things are the tiny details easily forgotten; the belly laughs of an adorable toothless ring bearer, or grandmas aged hands as she hugs the bride after the ceremony, the breathtaking look of the father of the bride when he dances with his daughter with tears or "allergies" in his eyes. And I am blessed and honored to get to capture it over and over for the "artistry and love."

"I have an obsession for photography and love of art."

Mary Fosky is the owner and senior photographer at Mary Fosky Photography LLC. She specializes in capturing couples in love and portraits that tell a story. Mary has a knack for creating a comfortable and fun environment for her raving clients. Winner of the WeddingWire Couple's Choice Awards for the last four years and 2019 & 2020's Best of Weddings from TheKnot. Mary's drive and focus on continued education makes her a top performer in the wedding community and a valued business woman among her peers. Mary's focus on the client experience and preservation of memories is exemplary.


Mary comes from a large family and is the eldest of 4. Born in New Jersey and raised in Florida, she enjoyed growing up in the sunshine, playing outdoors, building forts, chasing boys and playing street hockey till the streetlights came on. Her grandfather was a photographer and his passion lit the spark in Mary. She took photography in high school and established a great blueprint for her future. 


Mary enjoys spending time with her family, painting, shopping and playing with her two spirited children. She and her husband reside in Maitland, Florida. Mary has two fur babies that her husband refuses to adopt as Foskys. 

Professional Photographer of America

Top Photo: Kristen Weaver

Bottom Photo: Lauren K Downing Photography

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