Orlando Wedding Photographer, Mary Fosky
Orlando Wedding Photographer, Mary Fosky
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Frequently asked questions

What makes YOU different from other wedding photographers?

I know it can be a full-time job planning a wedding, I got married a little over 6 years ago, for me selecting the right photographer was so important. And on the other side as a photographer, being a great match with a couple is just as important to me. I have been in business since 2012 and have documented 100+ weddings and events. With over 30 scheduled for 2020-2021. I have been published in numerous online wedding publications including Outre Bride, Inspired Bride, Tantamount Love, TheKnot, Black Nuptials, and Let's Bee Together. Looking forward to being featured in 2021 too! I am valued by my peers as a photographer and continue to work with some very talented industry greats! Before I worked as a lead photographer, I worked along side some amazing photographers and continue to do so today. You might recognize a lot of my work featured on others Orlando Photographer websites, blogs and published work. I am extreemly experienced in all aspects of a wedding. I can provide great tips for drafting your wedding timeline, prebus a table of 6, I can pin a boutineer and fold a pocket square like a champ, and pop a bottle of champagne like a pro! I have 17+ years experience in customer service from wine retail to high end salons to fine dining. Holding positions from Director of Operations to Guest Service Manager and more. Customers, Guests, and Clients have all been the focus in my occupations. My Brides & Grooms are my main focus and their happiness is ensured from inquiry to delivery of images and beyond. I want to build a relationship with you!

What are your wedding rates? And why aren't they all displayed?

My rates and collections for weddings vary by amount of coverage requested. Other factors include travel distance, travel accomodations. Every wedding is unique, for this reason Mary Fosky Photography offers a variety of packages to meet all budgets and wedding needs. Intimate weddings (1 hr) start at $399 and packages ranging $1600 to $3500 that include all the bells and whistles. I am happy to create a custom package that meets your needs for your special day. Since no two weddings are a like, I offer an intimate wedding rates, a la carte items and bundled packages. Please contact me and I will be more than happy to provide a customized package to meet your needs and budget. Book a consultation now!

Do you offer digital images?

Yes! All clients are provided a digital wedding album. The online hosted album offers web-resolution and high-resolution downloads. RAW images or unedited images are not available. The galleries can be shared with friends & family. Print releases are provided for printing.

Are prints and products available?

But of course, I am excited to be offering a variety of quality print and fun product. Prints and products can be purchased directly from your digital wedding album.

How do you describe your style?

My style? I capture all love! I would say a 60/40 blend of documentary and traditional portrait photography. I love to capture laughing-great big belly laughs, and candids are my favorite, happy tears, and all kinds of LOVE! My clients needs, setting, and lighting also influence my style. As an artist, my style is always evolving. I update my portfolio every six months. However, my instagram and facebook is updated daily to feature the most up to date images. My editing is clean and I keep the colors as true as they are the day of your wedding or session.

What is your background?

I am an enthusiastic full-time professional with over 15 years of customer service & retail experience and a business student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. I have been studying photography since 2000.

How many photos can I expect to see?

For weddings, clients can expect approximately 75+ images per hour booked. I do not put a limit on the amount of images I provide.

Do you require a booking fee?

Yes, the booking fee is 50% of session. The booking fee is required at booking along with a signed contract and is non-refundable. The non-refundable fee will retain my calendar for the specified date and time, for that reason I will not book other sessions. Please refer to your contract for more details.

What kind of gear do you use?

NIKON! :-) I use professional high resolution, multi-featured Nikon cameras and NIKKOR lenses. I come prepared with back-up gear including lighting, lenses, cameras and (heaven forbid) rain gear.

What kind of lighting do you use for dark ceremonies or receptions?

I don't get asked this question enough. I will bring a variety of gear to suit any setting and will deliver gorgous images. I use on and off camera flash, and or external lights. Let's discuss your preference on abmiance/lighting for your wedding. Please be sure to check with your venue and or church regarding any lighting rules, i.e. a church may not allow flash, our professional cameras can capture beautiful images in a dimly lit church.

Do you have additional photographers?

Yes, I do. I work with many great professional photographers. I always bring an assistant and or a second photographer for a wedding. All the photographers I work with have their own studios as well.

Do we get to keep the RAW files?

I provide digital images. I do not provide RAW files, they are the digital equivalent to negatives. RAW images are large unprocessed files recorded by the image sensor of a camera and are not accessible without professional editing software. I do retain the copyright to all the images for professional use. I provide a print release, which will allow you to print unlimited photos.

Can I edit the wedding photos myself or have a friend do it?

If you would prefer a different look to your wedding images, a different photographer may be able to capture your day best. My editing style is my signature, my brush stroke on a canvas, having somone edit is not an option. I retain the copyright to all the images for professional use. I provide a print release, which will allow you to print unlimited photos. Editing or applying filters to the images would violate the United States copyright law. Full-rights to images can be purchased. Please refer to your contract for addtional copyright information.

Why did I not recieve ALL the photos?

I provide the best photos taken at the wedding in high-resolution jpeg files. The test shots, light checks, duplicates are deleted immediately, images with closed eyes, 1/2 blinking eyes, etc. will also be deleted. Please refer to your contract for images included in your package.

Are the images provided watermarked?

No. A few days after your session, I will provide a sneak peek. Those images will be watermarked. Images provided in your Digital Wedding Album will not be watermarked. Promotional or Styled sessions will be watermarked. Vendors will receive watermarked images.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, I hand edit all the photos. Editing is limited to lighting/exposure adjustment, black & white, teeth whitening, small blemish removal, eye whitening, small object removal and minimal wrinkle removal. My editing is based on my artistic preference and the natural environment, I love stoft tones, muted greens and sharp blacks. The tones and style are also influenced by the natural light and enviornment I am shooting in. If you are looking for a specific look, I may or may not be the photographer for you. ie. If your venue/shoot location is in a street, street signs will be in your images, if your shirt is wrinkled, it will be wrinkled in your photo. If you have questions regarding my services, let's chat. It's important to me that I meet your expectations. Please inquire about "Photoshop" pricing. "Photoshop" is anything outside of the listed items above.

How long are the digital wedding albumns active?

Your digital wedding albums are active for 90 days. You will recieve an email reminder a week (7 days) prior to the album deletion from the site. It's important to download your images. Please refer to your contract for more details.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I live in Maitland, Florida and YES, I love to travel. For sessions within 20 miles of 32751 there is no travel fee. For those outside of the 20 mile radius, I charge the current IRS mileage rate for business travel + gas & or tickets/accomidations if applicable. Contact me for additional travel rates.

What's the difference between an assistant, second, and associate photographer?

An assistant will assist me with the wedding timeline, coordinating with other vendors, assist with lighting set-up and camera equipment, they may assist in shooting during the ceremony. I will determine if an assistant is needed based on the wedding timeline and or details of a wedding. There is no additional fee if I require an assistant. A second photographer will assist me with capturing images of your wedding day and offer more varitety to your photos. They are an important part of the wedding day, especially with large weddings and can be in a separate location. An associate photographer is a professsional photographer that has worked with me closly and capture images that allign with my style. I will edit the images. An associate will be offered if I am currently booked.

Do you hold wedding dates?

Inquires are noted on my calendar in pencil (i'm old school). The date is only marked booked when the non-refundable booking fee is paid and a contract is signed. If i receieve an additional inquiry, I will contact you immediately, and request you respond within 24 hours to complete the booking process, otherwise the date is marked available. I don't mean to sound cut throat, but as a business owner I like to respond to emails immediately.

Do you provide videography?

I can certainly recommend great videographers, I am not one!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Absolutely! I highly recommend booking an engagement session. The session acts as a great inverview, you and your significant other get the opportunity to see what it's like working with me. It also helps as an icebreaker for the big day!

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do. Please let me know at least 30 days in advance if your venue needs documentation so I may request it.

Can you provide a certificate of insurance to my venue?

Yes, I can certainly provide one. I ask for a 30 day notice that one is required so that I may request/obtain a copy from my insurance provider.

Still have questions?

I am happy to chat with you! No question is a stupid question ( I sound like my mom-ah). It's impossible to compile a list that answers everything. Contact Mary!

How do you stay on top of your craft?

It's a constant thing! I am always researching new lighting techniques, workflow improvements, and watching great youtube videos on editing. I am currently enrolled in The Wedding School which is for wedding photographers. I am also a business student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Do you have a favorite photographer?

Yes, Susan Stripling is one of my favorites. I also love Jasmine Star, and The Hons (they were my wedding photographers).

Do you have a studio or office to meet your clients?

I have a home office and because I'm an on-location photographer I don't have a need for a studio (this could change). I meet clients for coffee and sometimes wine. Starbucks is my main go to. I earn so many starbucks stars this way haha- I should buy stock! Let's meet for coffee- my treat! I prefer to capture portraits outdoor because of the background versatility and dynamics of light but am happy to rent a studio for portrait work. The studio rental fee will be added to your session. If you book with friends and family, the studio fee will be divided evenly.

I recieved a quote a few months ago, do you still honor the price?

To lock in pricing it's important that you book proposals/contracts are valid for 10 days. I update my pricing every 6 months as the cost of goods/vendors/seasons/ availability/products/features/etc. change. It's important that you book when a quote or contract is provided.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, I offer AdventHealth employees a 15% discount. You must have a valid ID (yes, it will be checked). Elopements and booking multiple days/events will receive a discount. Active military, first responders and teachers recieve a 10% discount. Model Calls will have offer different pricing, see individual model calls for the rates and always refer to your contract.

What is different about Mary Fosk Photography?

Our client satisfaction is very important to us, we are transparant and find it very important to review the contract together. An informed client is a happy client. Communication is key, we will ask you what your preferred method is, and stick to it. We want you to have every question answered and know you're in great hands! Wedding & Engagment Images are unlimited, no cap on the amount of images we capture or deliver. We will take duplicates and test shots- those we do delete before we even put them on our hard drive and back up hard drives. We provide an estimate of 75-100 but there are times and will be times that we deliver close to 200 or even 300 an hour. *Headshot sessions not included. "Central Florida Wedding Portrait Rain Check", it's exactly as it sounds. If it rains on your wedding day and the portrait session isn't want you dreamed of, we will plan a rain check session. A 30 minute session to capture you and your partner in your wedding attire- no rain necessary! Available in Central Florida only. If booking an our of state wedding, depending on travel arrangements, we might be able to make it happen! Don't forget to talk to your hair and make-up artist about rain checks. Always refer to your contract for wedding day rain check details.

Do you guarantee photos of all guests?

Simple answer, no. Long answer, as a documentary photographer I will capture the action, the emotion and the story happening in real time. I will shadow the bride(s)/groom(s)/couple and their interactions. When family formal portraits are captured, I will ask twice if there are any other photos you would like captured before we move to the next part of the day. If there are specific photos you would like captured, please communicate them to the photographers so we can be intentional to capture them. I highly recommend scheduling specific time right after the couple enjoys dinner to visit tables. These images can ensure that everyone present at the tables will have their image taken. As a second option, set aside time during the reception for a guest list photo session. We will call people to the dance floor for photos. We will do our very best to make rounds but can not search for individuals not present in the reception room. Since we don't know who is who, we need assistance with that. I will ask people to take their photo while they are seated, it they say no, we do no push. While guests are eating or smoking, we do not take photos of them. We do hover around the couple to try to capture guests saying their goodbyes before they leave the wedding. Before our departure we will check in with you/ask twice before we leave to see if there's any family or friends that you would like photos with. My photographers and I are always avaible to you for photos, your guests may grab anyone of us to capture an image!

Where do you travel?

YES! Absolutely, we love to travel. Meeting new people and traveling is the greatest! Our main areas of travel are to: - Austin, Texas - New York, New York - Philladelphia, PA - Newark, NJ - Albany, NY - Savannah, GA - Richmond, VA - Charlottesville, VA We totally travel outside of those areas too! Just ask! Our rates for travel are minimumal (hotel + travel) and if it's also a place we want to travel, we might be willing to discount our services :-)