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2 Tips Every Photographer Must Know

Starting with 2 and will continue to update this blog post over time.


Battery Organization

Problem: Which batteries are dead? Which batteries are good?

I always had a hard time remembering which batteries were good and would end up finding myself recharging batteries that didn't need it or using batteries with 1/2 strength.

Solution: Bank bags! I purchased two zipper bank bags, one in red, and one in green for $5.99 each. They offer 15 different colors. For me, green is good to go and red means stop- those suckers are dead! The bank bags are very sturdy, made of vinyl and have strong zippers. I purchased these on amazon [see direct link below]. Any time I shoot with someone new, it's easy to explain my process if they need batteries. My husband often helps me with my battery charging and it requires no effort.


SD card organization

Problem: Which cards can I use again? Which cards need to be uploaded? Which cards are for safe keeping?

Solution: Pill boxes, you heard it right. I was walking through Walgreens one day and saw these green pill boxes and thought- that could hold an SD card. I ran [ok I walked pretty fast] to the camera section and aligned it with an sd card to be sure. I purchased a few pill boxes and some page markers from the office section. This has made my card and file organization 10x's easier. When I get home from a wedding, I immediate put the files on my laptop [temporarily], and put them on an external hard drive, and the last destination is putting the cards in the box. I label the box and don't use the cards till the gallery has been delivered to my clients. It's important to me [and most photographers] to have multiple back ups!


I hope these tips help you as they have helped me. I will continue to upda