Engagement: Lauren + Brooke

This is my blog post... When Lauren & Brooke got engaged, they said they wanted to document it, but didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera.

They didn't want the bright & airy posed cheesy smiles, they wanted to be themselves. Lauren categorized herself as awkward. I simply said in my own awkwardness "Have no fear, Mary's here".

I assured Lauren. And Lauren assured Brooke, that we would focus on having fun and that they should focus on being themselves and I would do the rest. The morning would start at their venue of choice and we would go from there. I set aside an hour one Sunday morning and met them in downtown Winter Garden, Florida. It was around 8 am, with a wonderful overcast in the sky-my favorite.

We started at Axum Coffee (146 W Plant St #110, Winter Garden, FL 34787). OMG, have I mentioned how much I am obsessed with COFFEE? It was the perfect place to start. The ladies ordered coffee and we all sat in the corner to chat. I continued to chat with them but brought out my camera and told them to ignore me because I had to check lighting (a lie, did that earlier). So now you know my secret. When the client isn't worried about the camera, they act natural.

The session continued through the streets of Winter Garden. The architecture is wonderful. We walked to the market with Crooked Can Brewing Company (426 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787). It was closed but the venue offers beautiful brick walls, green grass to lay on :-) and BEAUTIFUL trees out front.

We had a great time, I had some great outtakes that I shared with them, but promised not to share with others! Can't wait till they're married!!!

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