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Wedding Transportation Tips

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Wedding Transportation Tips

Your wedding transportation may seem like one small piece of the puzzle. Don't get us wrong, it has a quite a big impact on the efficiency of your wedding! Wedding itineraries don't have a whole lot of room for leniency as far as time goes. You want a professional who knows the importance of this milestone! We're here with some helpful tips for finding transportation.

Wedding Photographer, Orlando, Florida

Be diligent in your search

You'll notice that there are a ton of choices for wedding transportation in Tampa. Reading reviews can be helpful, but sometimes you'll question their authenticity. Word of mouth is the best recommendation. If that fails you, pay close attention to social media accounts and websites. If they have an outdated appearance, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions. Will they have modern features and high quality customer service? These are all things to consider!

Go further than an online search

You can find out a ton of great information online, but it's not enough to make a truly informed decision. No matter how great a vehicle looks online, there's a possibility that the company doesn't own it. Or worse, it's not the vehicle that will show up. Scheduling a visit in person ensures you know what to expect! Plus, talking to the company face to face instills a lot more confidence than a quick phone call.

Break out the magnifying glass

Well, you might not have to go that far, but definitely take the time to look over the contract carefully. You want to look out for any language that represents extra charges. This can take the form of fuel, tax, or gratuity charges. A great company will ensure you're educated about these things before moving forward. You don't want to be surprised by extra fees on your wedding day!

When you've found a trustworthy Tampa Limo Service, it's imperative to book as soon as possible. Wedding season is a period of time that's very popular in the industry.

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