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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I'm not contrary, nor do I have a green thumb. I love art and coffee tho.

I'm back to my favorite coffee shop, Palate (Sanford, Florida). Where the coffee is delicious, the staff is beyond friendly and good friends come to meet.

I met with my friend Jessica Lauren Kent of Jessica Lauren Photography,

We enjoyed coffee and a chat! Photos of course followed. Here's just a few she captured of me. P.S. I feel your pain- I hate to be on the other end of the camera. I love to capture moments, not be captured. HA!

I have long blonde mermaid hair, it's typically in a bun held up by any pointy object (pen, pencil, meh). I'm a NIKON gal, my grandpa was Team Nikon too!

I love coffee, Kate Spade, I get distracted by everything, I love to paint watercolor and acrylics, draw with charcoal and horseback ride (it's been some years).

I did not put blue drops in my eyes, the light at Palate is ahhhmazing and just made them extra sparkly.

(Photos edited by me).