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3 Wedding Floral Shopping Tips

Andie and I met the first week of school which seems like forever ago. We shared stories of how the transition to casual summer days to school days has been interesting and quite chaotic. We brought our iced coffees to the patio of Starbucks and enjoyed the warm summer breeze. Andie and I shared stories about our children, our passion for running our businesses and how much we enjoy working with like-minded professionals.


Andie is a Florida State Master Designer designated by the Florida State Florist Association (1 out of 41 within the State ), with 25+ year career in the industry, she is the lead designer of The Flower Studio. Established in 2010, The Flower Studio is located in beautiful Altamonte Springs, Florida. Andie is an active member and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Central Florida Wedding Association as well as a “friendor” of Mary Fosky Photography. Her business plans are to keep her customers amazed with her floral art and networking with other local businesses.


I asked Andie if she could provide a few tips to future couples on making it easier when hiring a professional florist for their wedding. Andie gave me some great information to share and here it is in 3 simple tips!

1. Are flowers a Priority ? That is the main question.

On your long list of wedding priorities, how important are your wedding flowers? Andie always asks her clients this questions. She wants to know, are you hiring a florist because your family is wanting them? Or are flowers creating the entire ambiance of your beautiful wedding? This answer will let your florist know how they may tailor their service to meet your needs. Will the florist spend several hours on gathering designs on something in which their client isn’t all that interested in?

2. Share Your Vision
  • DESIGN Andie requests photos from couples and encourages them to search on Google, Pinterest and Instagram. She wants to know if her couples have imagined their wedding designs for years. Or if they found the perfect inspiration on Instagram. Saving your favorite images will provide direction for design. 

  • SPECIFICS, Do you have a must have flower, Rose, Peony, Hydrangea, Orchid? Knowing this will help in the design. Andie also wanted to share that some flowers are seasonal - and it is very important to share this up front - the availability of specific flowers like Peonies, Lily of the Valley, and Dahlias.

  • COLOR HARMONY, what are your wedding colors and how will your flowers coordinate? Also knowing your color palette will help Andie offer recommendations to other similar flowers if a requested flower is not available due to the seasonality.

3. Set Your Budget

Let’s talk money, yes it can be difficult trying to calculate all the dollars and even a tad uncomfortable. Vendors understand that for most couples, it is their first time hiring vendors and planning a wedding. Hiring a florist is not expensive, there are levels of designs, Andie describes them as basic, average & luxury. Sharing all the information above will help Andie will steer you the right direction for your budget. ie. A beautiful floral arch may be best with accents of roses instead of all roses.