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6 Reasons to have a First Look

Ever hear the term "First Look", if you're planning a wedding or have been in the wedding party in the last few years, chances are, you're familiar with it.

A semi-private moment between Dani & JJ before their first look. The bridesmaids couldn't help sneak a peek of the two!
First Touch before the First Look

What is a "First Look"?

It’s an intimate moment where your and your fiancé meet prior to your wedding ceremony. I don’t know when this non-tradition began but it’s becoming more and more popular in the last few years. I just love capturing the romantic moments between the couple. 

6 Reasons for a First Look

1. Alone time

The wedding day is the quickest day you'll ever experience, that's why it's so important to hire a wedding photographer. You want to capture the moments easily forgotten and the unseen moments too. When you tow have a First Look, you get some extra alone time.

2. Travel Accommodations 

Are you and your fiancé traveling together? Having a courthouse wedding? You and your fiancé can arrange a time to meet before you depart to the ceremony together and make your day special.

3. Reduce Nervousness

Are you nervous about the big day? Want to take away the pressure of walking down the isle? Does your partner want to get out their emotions? For whatever the nerves are- this moment is between the two of you, I promise, the moment you lock eyes, it all disappears.

4. More Photos! 

Who doesn't love more memories, if you don't- I'm not the photographer for you! I LOVE capturing all parts of the wedding day. There's something special about a first look.

5. Save time later (less time away from the celebrations)

After the ceremony and the family photos, why not join your guests for the cocktail hour, or enjoy some alone time. Having a first look before the ceremony will provide you and your partner more time to enjoy the festivities. With the first look complete, you and the wedding party and celebrate and capture some more photos!

6. They are fun

FUN! That's the most important part of the day, you and your partner should celebrate the day! First Looks are super fun.


Don't want to break tradition?

Explore a First Prayer or First Touch. Haven't heard of that either, don't fret- I got your back! With the first prayer, the love birds don’t see each other, instead they say a prayer together around a corner or on opposite sides of a door. And there’s the "first touch" a moment of holding hands but the couple doesn't see each other.