COVID-19 And Your Wedding

It's a hot topic of conversation: COVID-19 and Wedding Planning, it can also be a stressful one. Wedding vendors (including myself) in Central Florida, New York City, Austin, Tx and beyond have experienced Couples exploring Rescheduling, Elopements & Future Celebrations.

This year I've had several weddings from March to December reschedule. Please ALWAYS refer to your signed wedding contract and contact your wedding photographer when you are thinking about rescheduling.

Q. What are you doing to keep yourself safe and others at weddings?

A. I regularly check my temperature, I wear a mask to keep others, my family and myself safe. I keep a safe distance when working and regularly wash my hands. I wear a mask indoors and outdoors and be sure not to touch my face or mask. Yes- even outdoors I am wearing a mask.

Q. What if we reschedule our wedding?

A. I highly recommend that all couples check with their venue and other vendors to be sure new dates are available before solidifying your date, I would hate for couples to loose their venue deposits or non-refundable photography booking fees. If you select a wedding date that I am not available:

a. I will offer an associate photographer. An associate photographer is FULLY Vetted and they are ones I would trust with my own wedding, just like I trust them with my business. They will capture your day, and I will edit.

b. I will refer you to another photographer, however the $250 non-refundable booking fee is non-transferrable.

Q. What if you (our wedding photographer) get COVID and can't come to our wedding?

A. That is a photographer nightmare, not being able to capture your day would be devastating to us! Wedding photographers have a great network, I have some truly amazing and talented friends who are killer wedding photographers. I would immediately call them to see if they can capture your day. I would then provide you two options:

a. Refund your non-refundable $250 booking fee and any monies paid and provide you available photographers that you book directly.

b. OR have the photographer I select or you select capture your day and I will edit the images. I will pay the photographer directly.


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