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Hammock Beach Golf Resort Wedding

The morning of the wedding was a stressful one for all; the bride, the groom, photographers, wedding venue, family, friends... the storm was a strong one. The clouds were dark and had a strong presence, they didn't seem like they were going to back down. Driving to Hammock Beach Resort, I was sad, just as the sky was. The clouds were dark, the wind was roaring, the roads were flooded and I worried that the outdoor wedding wasn't going to happen and the couple would be so crushed. Luckily the closer I got, the clearer the skies became. The venue needed a weather call made and planned to have the ceremony and reception indoors. The wind was too strong to have the reception outdoors, luckily the ceremony could be had outdoors! The wedding couldn't have been more perfect for the couple and their friends and family. Check out these highlights from their perfect wedding.

A breathtaking outdoor venue, perfect for your dream beach wedding.

Wedding Venue: Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa, Palm Coast, Florida

Lead Photographer: DR Photography LLC

Second Photographer: Mary Fosky Photography (all images featured by Mary Fosky)



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