Orlando Courthouse Wedding

It's January 2019...2020. See what I did there. Let's try this again, it's 2020! January is a great time for me to reflect on prior years. To look back at my art and see how much I've grown as a creator, story-teller, artist, business woman, and boss mom. The beginning of a new year is also a time to review old and new goals. One of my goals for 2020 is to blog more.

I'm a busy woman, my focus is on my family and work. Juggling the two are a challenge not to compromise one or the other. Blogging has always been a challenge, I ask myself questions. What do I say? What do I write? I used that as a learning opportunity to get to know my clients, learn what they want and provide them the best experience. Through that, I have been able to be better with words as I tell their story.


I wanted to share something old. A wedding I captured at the courthouse, December 2018. Why reflect back you may ask? It was a time that I am so excited that I was part of. A courthouse wedding that I transformed into a story. These two weren't looking for anything special. What we did was make it just as special as a "real traditional wedding". It starts with a first look, followed by their wait, the ceremony, family photos and portraits at a neighboring park. The session in total was just under 3 hours. Watch Matt & Shai's story below.

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