I love photography.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The photoshoot I had with Josie Brooks Photography displays just another example of why I love photography.

My kiddos

I'm not a fan of being photographed. Some may find it odd or shocking. But I would assume surgeons don't enjoy being a patient either. While I'm not conducting surgery, nor am I a doctor, I do however have empathy. I use my own insecurities to help you feel super comfortable behind the camera. I promise I'll get back to my reason behind my passion for photography

Josie and I have become friends, not only over our love of photography, but she's a great person with a sweet heart! We met this past Sunday in downtown Sanford, with our kids in tow. While it only took 2 minutes for my children to dig in the dirt and to bring out my mom voice, we had a great time. Josie and I took turns capturing each other with the different canvases Sanford had to offer.

I prepared for our session the day before, taking Josies solution "go to Target" since "I had nothing to wear". I selected two outfits for myself a floral and the jumpsuit [pictured]. Then went to the girls section and found this great colorful maxi. My sons outfit was next, once I saw the band T, I knew it would all work perfectly well. I wanted something colorful, fun and stylish- mission accomplished. Finding what to wear can be tough, I really enjoying helping my clients pair the perfect outfits together.

So my passion, I love the moments that Josie captured for me. I will be forever grateful for the memories, she really captured their personalities shinning through. Sadly, I know one day I'm going to look back and realize I forgot how little these kiddos were. I'll forget their grubby hands that were digging in the dirt. I'll forget the crazy cowlicks that Nick has and how just days before he received a haircut that mommy & daddy didn't know about. I'll forget Charlottes little giggles, and her long curly hair and missing teeth. [insert tears here]. But what I will have, these photos to reminisce and bring back those memories. This is what I love. I love that through photography, I can capture those memories for you. I love that I can make that special gift for you.

Notes: Images captured by Josie Brooks, Photos edited by Mary Fosky



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