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REAL Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

It's likely that you've never hired a wedding photographer. I'm here to help. Here's a my opinion!

BEFORE you contact a wedding photographer, do your homework and CHECK THESE OUT:

1. STYLE, make sure you like their artwork. Pay attention to the different lighting and locations. If your wedding is indoors, ask yourself "do you like how the indoor photos look"? Same for outdoors. Do you like the tones, the light, shadows, overall style. If you don't, search for a photographer who's work you love. There's a saying that I don't know exactly, "the dress will be worn, the flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, but the images remain". What do you want your memories to look like?

Pro TIP: Review their recent work. Ask yourself, does their work look consistent? Are the images something you would want? Are the angles flattering? Remember the images the photographers share, are usually their best!

2. WEBSITE- Review it, read their blogs, FAQ's, About Me's. Get a feel for the photographer and personality, do you think you will be compatible? Of all the vendors, you'll spend the most time with your photographer and videographer.

Pro TIP: Request a meeting or call to speak with the photographer, there's no strings attached. There's no commitment. Things that might run through your head; Did they arrive on time? Did they look professional & put together? Did you vibe? Were they kind? Did they listen?

3. REVIEWS & SOCIAL MEDIA- Hear what other couples and vendors are saying about the photographer. Wedding directory websites will also have a number of reviews, WeddingWire, TheKnot are the two most popular. You can also rely on trusty Google,Facebook or Instagram. Want to see what the photographer is currently up to? It's almost always posted on social media. Checking out their social media and recent works is important homework too.

Pro TIP: Direct links to WeddingWire & TheKnot are shared above. They aren't the final word, I would ask friends you recently got married for referrals too. Ask they what did they love about their wedding photographer.

4. PRICING. Review their price list,