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Tips for Selecting your Wedding Photographer

Whether you're newly engaged or you've been engaged for a little while, when it comes time to choosing your wedding photographer, it can be a little overwhelming- I know from experience. Here's a few tips that may make the task less daunting.

1. Research different photographers to find one that fits your style.

Instagram is a great way to find the look, and before you know it those algorithms are going to keep showing you what you love. Using a hashtag can help narrow the field, #orlandoweddingphotographer #floridaweddingphotographer #jupiterweddingphotographer #miamiweddingphotographer

Keep in mind the style of the photographer, the venue you chose and the florals all play a part.

2. Talk to the photographer to get an understanding of their experience and expertise.

I love to schedule a call with inquiring couples, a 15 minute call can save weeks or emails back and forth! Ask what their posing/capturing approach to photography is. My next blog will include detailed questions to ask your photographer!