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Traveling Wedding Photographer

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I am often asked "do you travel" the answer is 100% YES!

Saratoga Springs, NY
National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame, Saratoga Springs, NY

I am currently working on our SEO and advertising to promote that we travel. As well as share our galleries from our travels. I am the worst at updating my blogs and social media. I will schedule blogs 3 months out and my social media... then I forget to update it and months will go on. I am always working but forget to share it all.

I currently feature google ads in states all across the country and am starting to book out of the state of Florida. Last year, 2019 was great- I had the opportunity to travel to Texas, Georgia and New York several times.

If you are having a wedding outside of my base, Orlando, Florida, inquire! I absolutely love to meet new people and capture wedding and engagements all over the United States. Seeing different landscape is so energizing and fuels my creativity.

Travel fees are minimal and cover well; travel and hotel. Travel may include gas/uber or plane tickets. I don't need to fly first class, but I MUST have clean sheets and a safe space to lay my head. I will often book the same hotel as my couple so that I am close to the action of the wedding day!

Discount coverage available for 2021 to the following locations:

- New York, New York

- Austin, Texas

- Newark, NJ

- Anywhere in Colorado

- Anywhere in California

- Somewhere by Grand Canyon

- Hawaii

- Iceland

- Maine

- Oregon Forest

- Snowy Wedding