2018 Wedding Trends

2018 is off to a great start. I have had the wonderful pleasure of capturing over a dozen wedding in just a few months. This year has some amazing wedding trends!

9 Wedding Trends, according to Mary Fosky in no particular order

1. Fur babies in wedding party

2. #besocial

3. Unplugged

4. Breaking traditions

5. Grand Exit

6. Chalkboards & mirrored signs

7. Mixed-styles bridesmaid dresses

8. Customized cake toppers

9. First Look


1. Fur babies in the wedding party.

Don't forget your first baby- your dog! It could be a cat, lizard or bird, however dogs in the wedding party are trending this year. Keep it simple with a cute collar, enhance the attire with a sash or bandanna, or go all out with a two piece suit! What ever it is, it's great to include them in the processional as well. Just ask a human friend to accompany them down the isle.

Bridesmaid Dog

2. #besocial

More and more couples are encouraging guests to document the wedding day by sharing the images with a personalized hashtag or Snapchat filter. It's a great way to capture the guest perspective and add on to the pictures your wedding photographer captures. There's apps that offer a central area to share images. I've even seen companies that offer digital cameras to put on the tables. The more the merrier.

3. Unplugged

What is unplugged you ask? A wedding ceremony without cellphones, ipads or tablets. This is favorite trend! Couples are not only requesting that cellphones be placed on mute, they are asking guests to turn off and put away cell phones so that the guests can enjoy the moment. It also takes away from the photos when the guests are in the isles or above everyone's head with a phone, it certainly takes away from the ambiance. I have missed shots due to guests jumping in front of me during the wedding, luckily I had a second photographer during those moments- I was still beyond peeved!

4. Breaking traditions of the wedding party.

It's 2018, that means it's time to break traditions of the formal wedding party. Let's mix it up, afterall we are including Fido in the line up too!

Couples are not limiting who joins them down the isle, they are including opposite sex in their formal wedding party. Every lady needs a bro-maid or a man of honor. Along with grooms needing a best wo-man or a grooms lady!

5. Grand Exits!

There's no wrong way to exit. Here's a few ideas that are fun and super cool!

Bubbles - Sparklers - Lavender - Flower Petals - Confetti - Balloons - Glow Sticks - Paper Air Planes - Ribbons

Bubbly exit at Paradise Cove, Orlando Florida

Weddings include grand entrances, so why not a grand exit. When the bride & groom enters the reception, everyone stands to celebrate. So when the couple exits, why not celebrate too!

From bubbles, to balloons and sparklers. It's a fun way to leave a party, and announce to guests; the party is over! It also makes for some great photos!

6. Chalkboards, Mirrored Signs & More

Personalized signs are a great way to share a little direction with your guests. Whether it be in the form of a seating chart, menu or guest book. Personalization is the way to add a special touch and style.

7. Mixed-style Bridesmaid Dresses

From off the shoulder to strapless, bridesmaid dresses are becoming as unique as the individual wearing them. Why not provide your besties the option to pick the most flattering style for their body type. Check out the gallery above for some beautiful dresses!

8. Customized Cake Toppers

Mr. & Mrs. Smith or perhaps that's not for you, maybe Happily Ever After? It's your day, so make it special.

9. First Looks!

Check out my blog about First Looks, First Touch and more special moments here.



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