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Weddings are so vastly different, it’s difficult to provide an exact recommendation for a wedding photography timeline. However, here's a few recommendations to consider when planning your day. Some may seem long but remember they are only recommendations and your wedding may flow differently. When we meet or chat prior to the wedding we can discuss all the possibilities to make the perfect timeline and select the perfect package. I promise we’ll make these sessions fun, so it won’t seem like a long time (especially for the groom and the groomsmen).


Ring, Dress, Shoes and other details. Consider having 30 minutes for details to ensure that we have plenty of time to get the perfect photo of the rings, dress, bouquet, cologne or perfume, cuff links and other details of the day. 

30 minutes

Getting Ready

Capture the moments. Having at least 45 minutes of preparation is ideal for my style. During this time, I am getting close ups of the make up being applied and hair being completed. As well as candid moments of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen getting ready for the day. Keep in mind these are some of the most emotional moments of the day that you don't want to miss. 

I will be with the bride while my second photographer will be with the groom. While it doesn't take 45-60 minutes for the grooms men to get ready, we capture great moments of the groomsmen. I am capturing a wedding solo, I will split the time accordingly.

30 - 45 minutes each

Individual Portraits

Portraits of the Bride(s)/Groom(s). Right after the getting ready preparations, it's an ideal time to photograph the bride and groom separately. I will coordinate with the wedding planner and or second photographer to ensure that the bride and groom are separate as not to be seen. The ideal locations are outdoors, the bridal suit, hotel room or anywhere with natural light. 

10-15 minutes each

First Look

Let us capture that moment before you walk down the isle. I LOVE capturing first looks. Many couples are requesting having a first look before the ceremony. While most traditionalist (like myself) will not request a first look.  The first look is fantastic for elopements where everyone is traveling together or you are having a courthouse wedding.


Allowing for 30 minutes provides the bride and groom time to meet quietly and for me to capture the first look. 

During this time, I can capture some formal couples portraits too! Some wedding timelines don't allow for couples portraits after the wedding so this is a perfect time to squeeze some in, in that case 60 minutes should be planned for the first look.

This time may be used to capture portraits instead of capturing them after the ceremony; for example couples portraits (add 30), wedding party (add 30) and family photos (add 30). 

30 minutes

The Wedding Party

Let's capture some formal and fun too! Wedding party photos should be about 30 minutes. This can be broken up into two parts of course. Some before the ceremony, during the preparations of getting ready and after the ceremony. In addition to capturing the wedding party, I capture individual photos of the bride and each bridesmaid, as well as the groom and each grooms men. 

30 minutes

Family Portraits

Immediate family portraits should take approximately 30 minutes, more for large families. Plan 3 minutes per group of people, (10 groups of people, 30 minutes). I know how much a wedding means for family so I want to make sure I have enough time to capture them. Add more time for extended family photos. 

30 minutes

Ceremony, Reception & Venue Details

Isle, arch, centerpieces, place settings and more. Let's capture the beautiful details you put lots of thought into. Please allow for a minimum of 15 minutes in capturing the ceremony and venue details. Also allow 15 minute for capturing the reception and venue details. 

30 minutes

Couples Session & Sneak out

Couples sessions that allow for an hour are best. It will allow for plenty of time to visit different locations throughout the venue and capture some stunning photos that you and your partner will cherish for years to come. You can add a few more minutes if you would like to sneak out during the reception and capture a beautiful nights sky. You can subtract time if you had a first look before the ceremony.

30 minutes +

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